What Your Employer Will Say

Yes, as soon as the idea of a Union comes up, it begins.  Management uses tactics to complicate and confuse what is a simple, fair and democratic procedure:

Your right to form a Union.

They use these tactics to persuade you not to have a real voice and vote in the work place.  If they succeed, you will be treated as badly as before.

What motivates Employers?  M-O-N-E-Y!  With every worker convinced against the Union, the Company is less likely to share the wealth generated by your labour everyday.

The fact is failure to sign a union card
means more profits for them and less money for you!

These are some of the  myths you will hear and the truth behind these assertions:


You won’t be able to enjoy the “Open Door Policy” and talk directly to the boss. A company’s Open Door Policy is no substitute for a contractual Grievance Procedure. You will still be able to talk directly to the boss about problems if you so choose, but if you are called in for discipline you will have a right to have a steward present to defend you and be a witness to what is said and done in the meeting.
The boss will no longer have the last word.
Union's love strike, IAM can force you to strike.In the IAM, only you and your co-workers can decide to go on strike and it takes a 2/3 majority vote. The company is 100 times more afraid of a strike than you will ever be.
You will lose wages and benefits! You have to start from a blank sheet of paper! Any working condition you had before you signed with the IAMAW will remain in effect until we negotiate a first contract. If the boss honestly thought he could pay you less and reduce your benefits because you have a Union, would they not try to talk you in to joining?
You can't afford to pay duesYou can't afford NOT to pay dues. The improvements in pay and benefits which you can only win with a strong Union and voice will more than offset the dues you pay, plus dues are tax deductible.
Remember: You don/t pay any dues until a contract is ratified by you and your co-workers.
When you sign a card for the IAM, you sign your life away. Signing a Union card simply means you want representation. You will have a say in electing your shop stewards, safety committee member, your bargaining committee member for negotiations. You will also have a voice at the local lodge meetings, District Lodge meetings and conventions. All Union decisions are made democratically.
You will be put on trial and fined!You cannot and will not be fined as a member. Only an official suspected of misappropriating our dues dollars can be put on trial and, if found guilty, fined.
The Union will control promotions. For the first time, you will have a fair system for promotions and job assignments.
The Union won't let you take a problem directly to management.The Union will help you talk to management only if you ask for help. With the IAM you will elect co-workers to be "stewards" people who will be trained to represent you on the job if you want then to. IF you feel you can get results from your supervisor without help, fine. But if you can't, you will have the Union to turn to.
Unions protect the lazy people and incompetent workersAs a union it’s our duty to make sure members are treated fairly and to make sure any discipline you receive is warranted. No union contract requires an employer to keep a worker who is lazy, incompetent or constantly absent or late. The Union ensures dismissals are for ‘just cause’ and that the proper disciplinary and termination procedures in the collective agreement have been followed.



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