Why Join Us?

It Pays to Join the Union!

unions-gave-usWhen we say it pays to be an IAM Union, this is not just self-promotion. Would you drive a car without insurance? Would you live in a house without insurance?

How often do we make a claim on our house or car coverage? But how badly do we need the insurance if something goes wrong?

Belonging to a Union is just like that. You have the comfort of knowing, regardless of the misfortune, there is a team of Labour Professionals available to help you when you need it, at no cost.

Most employers in British Columbia are pretty decent people and so it may not appear to be any need for a Union. But what if the Company is sold or the manager changes?

Overnight, a safe secure job can turn into a nightmare. Non-union employees have no protection from wage cuts or dismissal. Oh, yes, you can hire a lawyer at your own expense and after 4 or 5 years in the courts, you might win a favourable judgement, less a big fat legal fee. But as a Union member under a collective agreement, disputes are fast tracked and all legal costs are assumed by the Union.

In the final analysis, our Union, the IAM, is a giant mutual aid society. This year the Union will be helping someone else but next year it could be you. IAM members stand together and look after each other.

Recently Al Cyr, an elected IAM Business Representative in BC, won a judgement of 1.7 MILLION DOLLARS for unpaid holiday pay at our Finning branches. The Members total obligation was to cash the cheques. An individual does not have the resources to do this on his own but the 40,000 Machinist in Canada and the 400,000 Machinists in North America standing together do. Those resources are there for every member in his or her time of need.