Your Right to Join

It’s Every Worker’s Right to Form a Union

Your right to organize into the Machinists Union is protected by law. Understanding the law is a critical first step to securing that right. When you and your co-workers decide to join the IAM instead of trying to deal with your employer alone, you begin the process of organizing a Union. By joining together with your co-workers, you will be more effective in getting your employer to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. These workplace improvements are achieved through Collective Bargaining, which results in a legally-binding Contract between your Union and the Company.

Right-to-JOINYour Legal Right To Join the IAM

In Canada, there are Provincial and Federal labour laws that:

  • Ensure you have the right to join and organize a Union.
  • Protect you if your employer tries to stop you from joining.
  • Give the IAM legal status.
  • Require your employer to negotiate with your Union. 

Your Right to join the IAM is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In most BC workplaces, this right is protected by the Labour Relations Code. The legal agency that administers these laws is called the Labour Relations Board.If you are thinking about forming a Union at your workplace, you should be aware of the basic steps of the legal process.When you organize with the IAM, your Union will ensure the correct process is followed, to prevent the employer from challenging your legal right to join a union. The Machinists Union has the expertise and resources to make sure you avoid the legal obstacles your employer may  put in your way and ensure your right to join a union.

What Your Employer May Say About Your Union

resume lies

You organize to join a Union in order to make your jobs better, and we want you to succeed. Your employer will often try to dissuade you from joining. Not every employer uses exactly the same tricks to keep workers from joining the union., but we want you to know there is a pattern that most employers follow. When workers want to organize, employers will often:

  • Make empty threats and promises.
  • Tell lies about the union
  • Start rumours to discourage you from joining.
  • Refuse to have open, honest debate so you can air the truth.

When you start talking Union, the first thing your employer probably will do is try to confuse you by making you forget that You Are The Union.

So if your employer claims that “the Union” will do terrible things, he’s really attacking you. He’s saying that you aren’t capable of making your own decisions and speaking for yourselves.

Becoming part of the IAM has paid off for us, and we know it will for you as well. We extend the invitation: join us!