Your Union Guarantee

The IAM Hereby Guarantees:
That your wages and benefits will be improved before the Union will sign a contract with the company.
That you will not be expected to pay dues until a Union contract has been negotiated with the company, which is acceptable to a majority vote by secret ballot.
That a legal strike will not occur unless two-thirds (2/3rds) of the workers voting by secret ballot are in favor of a strike.
That you will not be required to pay an initiation fee provided that you become a member of the Union within the first (30) days after your Union contract is effective.
That with your support, the Union can make your place of employment a more profitable, fair, and a more pleasant place to work.
That you cannot be fined for failure to attend Union meetings.
That the company is required to negotiate with the Union in good faith after a majority of the workers voting by a secret ballot election have voted in favor of the Union.
That the company is required to sign the Union contract once a contract has been ratified by a membership vote.
That a Union contract provides job security because the company will not be able to fire you without just cause.
That it is illegal for the company to discriminate against you because of your support for / or membership in the Union.
That you are the “U” in Union. You will be entitled to attend Union meetings and have a voice and a vote in how your Union is run.