Signing a Union Card

What Happens When You Sign a Union Card?

Many employees in numerous Companies have signed membership application cards with the Machinists Union.They have considered the options and made that commitment to themselves, their families, and to their co-workers. Here’s the process

  1. The Union card gives the Union the authority to bargain for a Collective Agreement on behalf of the workers in the shop or plant being organized.
  2. When the Union has a majority of the employees signed up, they will apply for a certification at the Labour Relations Board.
  3. Once a certification has been granted, the Union will notify the Company we wish to commence negotiations for a contract.
  4. The bargaining proposals that are put forward to the employer are Your Proposals. They are put together from the requests made by the Union members, and as a group you collectively determine what your priorities will be.

Remember – the employer will never see these membership cards, and absolute confidentiality is maintained at all times by the Machinists Union.

The Machinists Union represents all new workers in the same professional manner that we do with our other shops and members. Just ask the employees of many other IAM-represented shops across British Columbia.

Here’s the truth for so many of them: membership in the Machinists Union doesn’t cost—it pays!