IAM Local 1857 Proudly Welcomes New Members at OpenRoad Toyota Peace Arch

Surrey, B.C. – August 29, 2023 –IAM Local 1857 extends a warm welcome to 37 workers from OpenRoad Toyota Peace Arch who have chosen to embrace union membership. The workers initiated this step towards enhancing their workplace rights and conditions under the guidance of Business Representative (BR) Al Cyr.

BR Cyr facilitated the process of union enrollment, providing valuable insight into the recent legal change that streamlined the certification process. Under this new legal framework, automatic certification is ensured when 55% or more of eligible employees express their intent to join the union by signing membership cards.

Working closely with BR Jeff Smith and the contact person, the workers gathered the required number of signed union cards. A formal application was submitted to the Labour Relations Board, which then underwent meticulous review, resulting in a report by the Industrial Officer, confirming the 55% threshold.

The employer raised concerns about specific employees who had reportedly been omitted from the initial list. Recognising the potential problem of this challenge, BR Cyr opted to withdraw the application and ensure the representation of all eligible employees.

Cyr, Smith and the contact person immediately secured additional signed membership cards from the concerned workers. Cyr resubmitted the application to the Labour Board. The ensuing hearing was remarkably short, lasting a mere minute, as the company’s legal counsel presented no further objections regarding the expanded employee roster.

On August 21, 2023, certification was granted and the workers officially became members of the IAM. The new members encompass a range of roles within the automotive dealership, including Technicians, Service Advisers, Parts Advisers, shuttle drivers, parts drivers, a Service Coordinator, and a lot person.

This achievement marks a milestone in the pursuit of fair labour practices and worker empowerment. IAM Local 1857 is proud to stand alongside these individuals as they embark on this journey of strengthened workplace representation and rights.